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The SPECT Eyewear Drift sunglasses line has been carefully crafted with the racetrack in mind. Speed, precision and style are the key factors in making these bad boys.


The attention to detail is incredible:

The careful selection of just the right angles not only gives it a sleek shape, but also delivers a great fit. You can roll around underneath your car and they will stay right there with you.


The seamless transition from lens to frame underlines the quality in these sunglasses. Quality, which is also reflected in the careful selection of great materials. Your precious skin only gets in contact with antibacterial, easy-to-clean rubber – this increases comfort and the fit at the same time. The frame itself consists of TR90, a thermoplastc material which is both flexible and rugged.


And of course, the polarized lenses are top-notch. They will make sure you have a great view, without getting blinded.


This color gives you a transparent black frame and fiery red lenses.


99,00 €Preis
  • TR90 + Rubber

    TR90 is a thermoplastic material developed in Switzerland, which is extremely durable, flexible and light. Rubber ensures optimum grip.

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